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Frequently asked questions

everything that you wanted to know about artificial turf

  • Will dogs damage the turf and can they do their "business" on the grass?

Artificial grass is pet friendly. The urine will be absorbed into the ground and other messes can be hosed off. Additionally you will no longer have burned areas that are commonly seen with natural grass. You can even use bleach on the turf. It is made to last and has a 10 year manufacture warranty.

  • Will the sun cause the grass to fade?

The synthetic grass has a UV protection coating which protects your lawn from the sun.

There have been cases where Energy Efficient windows can cause reflections which will cause the synthetic turf to melt. This reflection magnification from some Energy Efficient windows is so strong that it can melt sprinkler heads and other plastics. If this does become a problem tinting the windows often fixes it.

  • What is the life expectancy of artificial grass?

monster Grass comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty. Yet on average it is estimated that synthetic grass can have a life span of 15-35 years. Our turf manufacturer gives 8 years or none at all. 

  • What type of maintenance should I expect with our artificial grass?

 It is recommended that once a year you add infill and broom the grass to help stand up the fibers. A leaf blower may be used to remove debris. With products that are infilled do not place too close to the turf or you will blow away the infill as well as the debris.

Using cleaning agents that have acetone or alcohol are not recommended, as it can damage the artificial turf. If putty like material s spill on the turf, be quick and remove it before it has time to harden.

  • How does artificial lawn drain?

The backing of the grass has many holes which allow the water to drain into the ground below. Additionally, rains helps remove any dust or pollen on the grass. It is recommended that in times of long droughts you spray the turf in order to clean it. 

  • How quickly can you play on synthetic turf?

Synthetic grass can be used within a few hours of installation and you do not have to worry about sun, rain or snow damaging the grass. Synthetic grass can be utilized about 60 hours a week versus natural grass is recommended to be used 20 hours a week in order to allow the grass to rest.